Just recently I received my 2015 1099 from my “business”.  Interesting thing is that I also received my W-2 from my job and the 1099 was more than the W-2.  May not seem like a big deal until you hear what I used the money for.  I used the money to buy my wife’s time back.  I used to watch her stress about trying to balance her time between her work, the kids needs, etc.  With her time back also came peace of mind and that to me is priceless.  This year my goal is the help my father and many others create that same type of income. This year my goal is to earn in a month what I used to make in a year.  I will then buy someone else’s time back, my own.  God willing I will then help a generation accomplish the same! May 2016 give you all of the success you are willing to work for!! #Bonverarocks


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